Ugochukwu Ezenduka

Technical Content Writer

I write about technology using words that my niece would understand. With a Master’s Degree in Engineering, I’ve mastered the craft of breaking down complex concepts in digestible language.

Away from my writing desk, I play football, reminisce about Kyiv, and travel with my camera.

Articles by Author

How to Connect Multiple Jira Instances For Efficient Collaborations
Jira to Jira sync
How to Implement Jira Issue Sync For Smooth Collaborations Between Teams
Perfecting Legacy System Integration For Better Connectivity
Salesforce to Jira integration
How to Sync Statuses & Custom Fields Between Salesforce and Jira
connectall alternatives
The Best ConnectALL Alternatives For Business Integration
ServiceNow Azure DevOps integration
How To Map and Sync Statuses and Correlation Details Between Azure DevOps and ServiceNow
Business Process Integration
The Reality of Business Process Integration in 2024
Help Desk integration
Help Desk Integration: Improve User Experience
two-way integration
How to Implement a Two-Way Integration Between Platforms
ScriptRunner Connect vs. Exalate
Adaptavist ScriptRunner Connect vs. Exalate: How Do They Compare?  
GitHub for Jira vs. Exalate
Comparing GitHub for Jira and Exalate: Who’s the Winner?
Integration outsourcing
Integration Outsourcing is The Future: Here is Why You Need It
service desk integration featured image
Exploring the Working Principles of Service Desk Integration
MSP Integration: Why It Matters for Your Business
sync multiple zendesk tickets a jira issue
How to Sync Custom List Fields Bi-Directionally Between Jira and Zendesk
Sync epics between jira instances
How to Synchronize Epics between 2 Jira Instances
Salesforce integration tools
Simplify Your Business Processes with Salesforce integration Tools
Integration Service Provider
How Integration Service Providers Can Help Simplify Data Integration
No-code integration
Exploring The Best No-Code Integration Tools For Businesses 
Managed Services Integration
Exploring Ways To Implement Managed Services Integration
CISCO bonding
CISCO Smart Bonding: An Introduction
Backbone issue sync
Backbone Issue Sync vs. Exalate: An In-Depth Comparison
integrated service management
An Overview of Integrated Service Management (ISM)
ZigiOps vs. Exalate
ZigiOps vs. Exalate: A Side-by-Side Comparison
Integration as a Service
Integration as a Service (IaaS): Everything Explained
jira to jira sync visualization
How to Sync and Maintain Issue links, Relations, and Sub-task Mappings between Jira and Azure DevOps
issue hierarchy
How to Maintain Issue Hierarchy When Integrating Jira On-premise and Azure DevOps
Zendesk integrations
Zendesk Integrations: Streamline Teams Working in Zendesk and Other Tools
POSaBIT Exalate case study
How an Innovative Fintech Startup Uses Exalate to Fine-Tune Collaboration Between Teams
Salesforce and Jira integration
How to Update a Salesforce Account from a Jira Custom Field
Salesforce data integration
Salesforce Data Integration: How to Get Started
The Comprehensive Guide to iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service)
SaaS integration
How SaaS Integration Can Improve Your Business Processes
Scriptrunner subtask sync
How to Use ScriptRunner to Automatically Exalate Subtasks Whenever a Parent is Exalated?
Salesforce third-party integration
Salesforce Third-Party Integration: Set up a Bidirectional Sync between Salesforce and Other Tools 
iPaaS solutions
Top 14 iPaaS Solutions in 2024
SIAM model
How to Build an Effective SIAM Operating Model
ServiceNow to ServiceNow integration
ServiceNow to ServiceNow Integration: How to Set up a Two-Way Sync
Insight object sync
How to Use Exalate to Synchronize Insight Objects
collaboration in remote time
Sustaining an Effective Collaboration in Time of Remote Work
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