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Azure DevOps






Azure DevOps

Free Plan

Pre-made configuration for basic scenarios.

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Main features:

Premium Plan

Fully customizable for medium to complex scenarios.

For most use cases

Everything on Free, plus:

Enterprise Plan

Enhanced profile and premier support for scalable and reliable integrations.

tailored to your needs

Everything on Premium, plus:

integration for service providers

Fully Managed Cross-Company
Integration for Service Providers

Let an integration expert take care of every aspect of your integration, from implementation to operations.

What's included

Feature comparison between our plans

FeaturesFree PlanPremium PlanEnterprise
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One-way Integration
Two-way Integration
Manual Sync
Automatic sync
Real-time sync / Polling
Bulk Exalate
Bulk Connect
Unlimited Triggers
Unlimited Connections
Unexalate & Reconnect
Handing Deleted Entities
Error Handling
Sync Queue Monitoring
Unlimited Transactions & Entities
Up to 1000 New Issues/mo
Sync Standard & Custom Fields
Summary, Description, Comments, Attachments
Entire List of Supported Fields Here.
Entire List of Supported Fields Here.
Basic Mode
Visual Mode
Script Mode
Deep-Ticket Integration
Workflow Orchestration
Internal Comments
Rich Text Formatting Carry-over
Comment Impersonation Feature
Labels & Tags
Additional Nodes for Staging
1 Extra Node Per License
2 Extra Nodes Per License
Exalate On-premise Hosting (Private Connections)
Dedicated Status Page
Pinning of Versions & Version Control
Custom Disk Space
500 MB
1 GB
Custom size
Custom Git Repo
Premier Support
Troubleshooting Sessions
Start Synchronizing Your Tools​

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Start Synchronizing Your Tools​


Answers to the most frequently asked questions

You can start with basic synchronization scenario’s straight out of the box. But Exalate also provides a Groovy-based scripting engine to implement even the most complex use cases. You can check some examples of more complex use cases here.

Yes, the Exalate app does need to be installed on both sides. This means you will need a valid Exalate license/subscription on both your instance and the destination Instance on the other side.

Exalate has already been in use since 2014 at a large number of enterprise clients. Performance tests are continually implemented to assure there will be no noticeable load on both the app or the issue tracker.

For example, some of our customers continually processes, on average, 12.000 issues per month without experiencing any significant impact on the overall instance.

We keep your data private, safe and secure following the best-in-class security practices and procedures.

The data security and privacy statement can be found here

You decide what information gets shared with your partners and what information does not.

There is no need to share the access credentials, even if your instance requires authentication. Exalate generates the shared secret which is used to define a secure connection between both Instances.

Data transfer is secured with the help of the JWT token which authenticates every request so that the destination side can be sure they are getting data from the expected Instance.

To find out more, have a look at our extensive resource on Exalate Security and Architecture.

For example, some of our customers continually processes, on average, 12.000 issues per month without experiencing any significant impact on the overall instance.