cross company integration

Best practices & pitfalls for setting up an effective Cross-Company Integration

You'll learn how to set up an effective Cross-Company integration based on an example use case involving disparate teams across Jira, Zendesk and Github instances.

IntegrationHub vs. Exalate

How To Set Up An Effective ServiceNow Jira Integration

Learn all about the business and IT value for a ServiceNow Jira integration. About what it means when the integration is cross-company, the step-by-step process of setting up an integration, and the technology that helps you in the process.
jira azure devops integration

How to set up an effective Jira Azure DevOps integration

Learn all about how to set up an effective, bi-directional integration between a Jira and Azure DevOps instance. You'll learn about the step-by-step process for setting up simple integration scenarios as well as get a demonstration for an advanced use case.