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    The Definitive Guide To Cross-Company Integrations for IT Professionals

    As a professional in IT, you represent a highly qualified role. You are not only an expert in analyzing business requirements, designing and implementing them, but also supplying IT solutions end-to-end.

    You know a lot of projects involve multiple teams from different companies. And an effective collaboration is essential for the success of these projects.

    In this guide, we’ll adopt SIAM and ITIL 4 methodologies to generate a well-structured cross-company integration project in 8 proven steps.

    What you will learn

    • How to co-create value for your customers in multi-sourced environments.
    • Step-by-step integration process employing ITIL 4 Service Value System and Guiding Principles.
    • Use of SIAM methodology as a scaffold for building a cross-company integration.
    • A comprehensive checklist for guiding you through the integration process.  
    • A practical case study of B2B integration
    service integration and management

    Who is this guide for?

    • ITSM experts
    • SIAM experts
    • ITIL experts
    • Solutions Architects

    • Project Managers
    • DevOps Engineers
    • Sys Admins
    • Service Delivery Managers