Rivet Group


As a Rivet Group, we value respect, loyalty, diligence, and professionalism. Our focus is on original, creative, solutions - such as JIRA Concierge service or technical support available directly in Poland and remotely available worldwide. We are good at our job because we create, implement and help in the most optimal solutions. We specialize in optimization and business processes, software development, Atlassian products, and JIRA plug-ins, we provide quality and automation of tests. We do -

• Business optimization and processes • Software development and implementation • Atlassian products and JIRA plugins development • QA and test automation We operate comprehensively offering services in the field of: • Analyzes • Development • QA • Maintenance and support • We offer, implement and develop tools (focused on JIRA)




+48 601 692 726


Trzcinowa 27, 02-446 Warszawa, Poland

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