Teja Bhutada

Content Manager

Being a Master’s in Engineering didn’t click for me early on. I wanted to find my real passion. A few years later, I stumbled upon it.

My love for writing kicked in during my ten years of teaching. So, I decided to switch careers and became an IT Copywriter. Grew from that role to become the Content Manager, with a kickass and unstoppable team.

Outside of work, I’m a mom to two awesome boys who keep me busy most days. When I’m off my mum duties, you can catch me buried in a book, stepping up my aerobics game, or daydreaming about penning a novel someday.

Articles by Author

Why Two-way Sync is Essential for Modern Teams 
The Future of Work: The Role of AI in Cross-company Integration
Integration Security: Key Measures and Best Practices for Enterprises
Cross-company integration
Transforming Business Dynamics: The Power of Cross-Company Integration with Exalate
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10 Most Valuable Integrationhub Alternatives Right Now
The Role of Embedded Integration in Modern Work Environments
Sync SNOW Case to Jira Epic
How to Sync Incidents, CMDB, Change Requests, Problems, and Custom Fields Between Jira and ServiceNow
Service Desk Plus Jira Integration
How to Set up an End-to-End ServiceDesk Plus Jira Integration 
integration software as a service
Integration Software as a Service (iSaaS): An Answer to Modern Integration Challenges
point-to-point integration
Point-to-Point Integration: Explore the Strengths and Pitfalls
Jira ServiceNow integration use cases
Practical Jira ServiceNow Integration Use Cases for Your Business
sync multiple zendesk tickets a jira issue
How to Synchronize a Zendesk Ticket to Multiple Jira Cloud Instances
Script mode
Craft Your Sync: Tackle Integration Challenges with Exalate’s Script Mode
enterprise integration platform
Enterprise Integration Platforms: Making Your Business Systems Click
integration security
Integration Security: Safeguarding Your Data in Connected Systems
Sync Tempo Worklogs
How to Sync Tempo Worklogs Between Two Jira Cloud Instances
build vs buy in integration
Exploring the Build vs. Buy Integration Debate
workflow integration
How to Get the Most out of Your Workflow Integration
Append Jira key to private comments in Zendesk
How to Append the Jira Issue Key to a Private Comment in Zendesk When the Issue is Closed
How to Sync Issue Types and Select Lists (Dropdown) Between Jira On-premise and Jira Cloud 
ITSM integration
ITSM Integration: Simplify Your IT Services Like Never Before
Unito app vs. Exalate
Integration Showdown: Unito App vs. Exalate – Which Tool is Right for You? 
Sync SNOW Case to Jira Epic
How to Sync SLA Records and Maintain State Updates From ServiceNow Incident to Jira Issue
Groovy scripting
Groovy Scripting Made Easy: A Beginner’s Guide to Mastering the Basics
Jira to Jira integration
How to Synchronize User Mentions in Comments Between Jira Cloud and Jira On-premise
automated integration
Automated Integration: A Key to Scalable and Agile Business Operations
API integration
API Integration: A Practical Guide to Maximizing Business Efficiency 
How a Construction Tech Company Implemented Exalate to Maximize Workflow Efficiency
Jira Salesforce Comment Thread Sync
How to Sync Comment Threads and User Mentions in Comments between Jira and Salesforce
ServiceNow integrations
ServiceNow Integrations: Integrate ServiceNow and Other Systems Bidirectionally
Jira ServiceNow integration
How to Sync Jira Issue Fields as Work Notes in ServiceNow
Salesforce integrations
Salesforce Integrations: Integrate Salesforce and other Tools in 2024 
Salesforce and Jira integration
How to Sync Multiple Related Salesforce Objects (Contact & Account Linked to a Case) to Jira 
Salesforce Zendesk integration
How to Integrate Zendesk and Salesforce in 5 Steps
sync multiple zendesk tickets a jira issue
How to Sync Multiple Zendesk Tickets to a Single Jira Issue
SIAM ServiceNow
Implementing Effective SIAM Operational Delivery through ServiceNow
Jira Salesforce Integration
Jira Salesforce Integration: How to Set up a Two-Way Sync between Different Teams 
iPaaS solutions
Top 14 iPaaS Solutions in 2024
GitHub Enterprise Jira integration
How to Set up a GitHub Enterprise Jira Integration: the Comprehensive 2024 Guide
Salesforce to Salesforce integration
Salesforce to Salesforce Integration: Sync Multiple Salesforce Instances Bidirectionally
ServiceNow eBonding
ServiceNow eBonding: The Complete 2024 Guide
Jira integrations
Jira Integrations: Integrate Jira and Other Systems Bidirectionally
eBonding integration
eBonding Integration: The Ultimate 2024 Guide to Flexible Data Sync
Azure DevOps Salesforce integration
How to Set up an Azure DevOps Salesforce Integration: The Comprehensive 2024 Guide
GitHub Salesforce integration
GitHub Salesforce Integration: How to Set up a Sync in 6 Steps
Salesforce ServiceNow Integration
How to Set up a Salesforce ServiceNow Integration: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide
Cross-company integration for IT professionals
The Definitive Guide to Cross-Company Integrations for IT Professionals
B2B integration
B2B Integration: The Comprehensive 2024 Guide
TFS4JIRA vs. Exalate
TFS4JIRA vs. Exalate: How Do They Compare?
Service Integration and Management
Service Integration and Management (SIAM): The Complete 2024 Guide
Sync SNOW Case to Jira Epic
How to Synchronize a ServiceNow Customer Case to a Jira Epic
ServiceNow IntegrationHub vs. Exalate
ServiceNow IntegrationHub or Exalate: How do they Compare?
time-related info between Jira and ServiceNow
How to Sync Time-related Information between ServiceNow and Jira
Jira Confluence integration
Jira Confluence Integration: The Complete 2024 Guide
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