The Rise of Female Leaders in Tech: Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

Women in tech

We’re delighted to share some great news! Hilde Van Brempt, our co-founder at Exalate, has been featured on and Media Coverage in an article exploring the impact of female leaders in the tech industry, emphasizing the significant shift towards diversity and inclusion. 

The article emphasizes how women leaders, like Hilde, are reshaping workplace cultures and driving innovation through diverse perspectives.

Hilde’s journey, as highlighted in the article, serves as an inspiration to the team and reflects Exalate’s commitment to fostering a workplace that values support, diversity, and respect.

Guided by Hilde’s leadership, Exalate has consistently oriented its hiring strategy towards diversity and inclusion, actively promoting women’s empowerment and contributing to a global workforce spanning multiple countries. This dedication aligns with our mission: to foster seamless collaboration among diverse teams and across company borders.

Stay tuned, as this year, we will be launching our initiative, sharing the stories of remarkable women from different backgrounds and nationalities who excel in their tech roles.

To read the full article please visit and Media Coverage.

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