Exalate’s Growth Continues with Lviv Office Opening

Exalate's opening a new office

We at Exalate are proud to unveil the opening of our new office in Lviv, Ukraine. This vibrant city holds a special place in our hearts, being one of our earliest locations and home to the talented Ukrainian developers who played a pivotal role in shaping the very first version of our product.

Our Commitment to Ukraine

It highlights our support to the people of Ukraine, during one of the most difficult times the country and its people have ever faced. We stick to our principles and values of collaboration and integration, while doing our part for Ukraine’s thriving tech sector. Francis Martens, our CEO, had this to say: “Companies present in the region have a collective responsibility to stand together and contribute to the efforts for a free, stable Ukraine.”

Our Ukrainian team is working day and night under the very real and horrific realities of war. Despite all of this, they’ve shown incredible dedication and resilience in the faces of unimaginable horrors befalling their country on a daily basis. Their worlds have been ripped apart, and every day they try their best to pick up the pieces. 

Words From The People on The Ground

Mariana Kolomiiets, a Business Analyst at Exalate, based in Lviv, had this to say: “I thoroughly enjoy the new office space and the overall atmosphere it creates. The office exudes a positive energy that fosters creativity and collaboration. It’s truly a pleasure to work in an environment that encourages productivity while maintaining a friendly ambiance.”

Exalate will continue to support the people of Ukraine, and this new office is only the latest chapter of our efforts. We firmly believe that companies operating in and outside of the region have a duty to call for an end to the war.

A New Office for a Brand New Exalate

Our new office also comes close to our proud announcement that we’re now an independent company, after an amazing run under the iDalko brand. The new location highlights our dedication to synchronization and building great connections and also reflects our fresh, brand new image. It offers a productive and comfortable environment for our team to excel in. 

Collaboration and integration aren’t just words to us: we believe in them as principles to create a better and more diverse world. The only way to do that is to live and breathe the values of inclusion, diversity, and doing our best to be on the right side of history. 

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