Exalate’s New Journey: Funding, Brand Identity, and Accelerating Growth

Exalate iDalko

We’ve got some groovy news for you – Exalate has officially set sail as an independent company!

This marks a significant milestone for us as we chart our own course towards new heights of innovation and growth.

We’re going all-in on our mission to supercharge teamwork, collaboration, and productivity across teams and company borders.

With our distributed architecture and built-in scripting engine, Exalate is already the most powerful integration solution on the market. But we’re not stopping there.

Now that we’re stepping out as an independent company, we’re taking things up a notch.

We’ve secured significant funding that will help us elevate our product development, expand our reach and presence in key markets, and continue escalating our team of talented professionals. 

In line with our vision to create a worldwide network of connected companies, we’ll also enhance our offerings for companies that want to build a larger ecosystem of connected partners, suppliers, and customers.

To fully embrace our exciting new chapter, we have gone through a complete revamp of our visual identity, including a new logo, colors, imagery, and typography. Our new branding reflects and unites our potential and values, setting the stage for what’s coming next. 

Our friends at iDalko are going strong too. They will be continuing their journey in partnership with Avisi. You can learn more about their combined vision here.

This is an exciting new chapter for everyone involved! 

If you’re already an Exalate customer, this won’t affect you in the slightest. The only change you’ll notice is the company name and email domain, from iDalko to Exalate. 

Let’s keep pushing the boundaries of teamwork and productivity worldwide!

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