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This is another episode of Integration Talks, a podcast where we discuss everything software integration with thought leaders and experts across industries.

In this episode, Francis Martens hosts Chuck Tomasi to discuss ServiceNow IntgerationHub. Chuck is a senior developer advocate at ServiceNow and also an author, IT professional, podcast host, and in his free time, a martial artist!

About this episode: 

  • The roadmap around integrations
  • What is IntegrationHub? And how is it positioned? 
  • The level of experience a ServiceNow admin should have to build integrations 
  • and more

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Episode Transcript

Francis Martens: Hey Chuck! Welcome to our podcast! I’m really delighted to have you on the meeting. So first of all Chuck, can you tell me a bit about yourself.

Chuck Tomasi: Well thank you very much for having me today, it’s a pleasure to be here and I’m always excited to talk about ServiceNow. So a little bit about myself. I’ll try to keep this short you know because old men have a lot of experience and I’m a podcaster and I like to talk, so I’ll do my best to respect the listeners’ time. I am a husband, a father, an IT professional, a content creator, I’ll explain that in a second, and a martial artist.

So I live in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States, I am currently a senior developer advocate at ServiceNow which means, ties back to that content creator part, I create videos and blog articles and write books and webinars, host events and I’m a community leader.

All of this is developer-facing for our developer audience whether they’re customers or partners or independent contractors, what have you, I am focused on the bridge between our ServiceNow developers and our internal product management team. So I take the information from them put it into content and represent it externally and also listen to our external voice of the customers and relay that back to our product managers.

Francis: Yeah sorry to interrupt here, but when you say ServiceNow developer, are these ServiceNow employees or are these like people who are using ServiceNow?

Chuck: These are yeah, these are the customers and partners that are using ServiceNow to configure, customize, build, extend, anything they’re doing on the platform is as simple as moving from fields around or going into some deep scripting and integrations that’s where I play. One final note, I’ve been a podcaster for more than 16 years and also the co-author of podcasting for dummies. A little bit of achievement.

Francis: I’ve seen that book, I really need to listen to it. So I’m looking forward to it. Maybe I can probably I will be able to learn quite a bit of it. Yeah so how long have you been a podcaster?

Chuck: 16 years, I started in late 2004 with a podcast that was then split into two different shows because there was significantly different content on that one show, and one of them is still running today. So I’m a very long, continuous podcaster.

Currently, I do three shows. One is called “podcasting for dummies” the companion podcast which is an audio test to our book. The other is called “Technorama” that’s the one that’s been running since early 2005. And the third is called “the topic is track” which is pretty self-titled you know it’s about Star Trek.

I do one for work for ServiceNow developers called “Breakpoint” so if you’re a ServiceNow developer and you’re interested in that, you can find that at

I should have the little desk bell there when yeah in a URL or website you have to go ding! We’ll make sure that these links are being advertised but together with the podcast itself.

Francis: Yeah, all right… so being a developer advocate, how big is that audience? How many developers are you talking to?

Chuck: Oh, I just had the number the other day I don’t recall what it was. I know that as far as the ServiceNow community goes, we’ve got about 275 000 members in there. The developer community, I wish I… it’s less than that and I’m trying to remember what the number was. I believe it’s north of 100 000. Current active people in their developer instances on the developer program is in the 50 – 60 000 range, don’t quote me on that, I should know those numbers better than I do at this point. I apologize but it’s a significant audience.

Francis: Yeah, and it’s also a tremendous community if you look at all the reactions you can see on the community site, you ask a question and within a couple of minutes, you get a couple of answers which is very dynamic!

Chuck: Yeah, as somebody who’s been involved with that community, in fact, my community, my online community, involvement goes back into the 80s with electronic bulletin boards over the old dial-up stuff, you know, curated one of those.

With 40 years of experience, 30 plus years whatever it is, this is a wonderful wonderful community. Everybody is so helpful uh the ServiceNow community over at community.servicenow, there now I’ve got my bell!

And of course, the developer-specific community at and we’ve got Slack channels and blogs and newsletters, it really is a wonderful community. We’re starting to see a lot of people branch out and start their own brand with their own blogs and their own video channels and that’s just magnificent because it’s one thing when you know someone inside ServiceNow shouts from the rooftops hey this is a wonderful feature and here’s how

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