Exalate Welcomes Ruben Bru as Our VP of Sales: Let the Good Times Roll!


We’ve got some super exciting news to share straight from our Exalate HQ in Antwerp, Belgium. We’re happy to introduce you to our newest team player, Ruben Bru, who’s joining us as the very first Vice President of Sales.

At Exalate, our mission revolves around simplifying integration processes and enhancing collaboration across teams and businesses around the globe. With Ruben Bru joining our ranks, we’re taking a significant step forward. His extensive experience in driving sales excellence and fostering growth for prominent SaaS companies like Qualtrics, Unica, and SAS aligns perfectly with our vision – to build a global network of connected companies.

Reflecting on our journey, we’ve experienced remarkable growth and momentum. Our team has doubled in size, partnerships have expanded, and our revenue has seen a noteworthy 2x YoY growth. With more than 2000 organizations onboard, we are a key player in the software integration space. Exalate’s distributed architecture and powerful scripting engine are the driving forces that break down barriers between teams, platforms, and businesses.

But that’s not all! We’ve stepped into the spotlight as Exalate, waving goodbye to the iDalko era. While we’re going forward, we’re not leaving the good stuff behind – our friendship with iDalko remains solid. It’s a game-changer move that sets the stage for more growth and innovation. Backed by substantial funding, we’re ready to invest in innovation, extend our reach, and expand our global team.

We’re ready to step up our offerings, especially for those who are looking to expand their network of partners, suppliers, and customers.

Ruben Bru is more than just a VP to us. His coaching-style leadership vibes fit right into our culture of support and empowerment. And you know what fueled his decision to join our ranks? Our potential for growth, global reach, and the unique Exalate culture that’s pretty hard to beat.

In Ruben’s own words, “Exalate’s passion for innovation and its dedication to building a global ecosystem of connected companies resonated with me deeply. I am excited to be part of this dynamic team and contribute to the company’s vision of transforming the way businesses collaborate and thrive on a global scale. Exalate’s company culture is extraordinary.”

Our CEO, Francis Martens, is just as thrilled: “With Ruben Bru leading our sales efforts, we are confident that his expertise will be instrumental in driving Exalate’s continued success and making our vision a reality.”

So, that’s the latest news from Exalate, along with a warm welcome to our newest team member. Join us on this journey as we take things to the next level.

Meet Ruben Bru

If you were to describe your professional journey in terms of a metaphor or a movie title, what would it be and why?
RB: It was definitely a roller coaster ride, with ups and downs, yet fortunately, most of it was on the peaks. I am happy to bring that energy to the team.

What initially interested you about Exalate?
RB: The combination of Exalate’s impressive growth potential and the inspiring synergy of our global and diverse team.

What’s the best advice you can give to someone who’s just started their career in Sales?
RB: I believe in working to learn, not just to earn.

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