Exalate Service Awards 2021

Exalate service awards

Technology allows you to increase your revenue, scale your business, and do so much more! But it can also steal quite some time from you while you’re getting up to speed. That’s why we always recommend working with a partner. They can provide consistent support, show you how to make the most of the solution, and roll out the working solution in a matter of days. 

That’s why we present to you our best of the best Exalate Partners!  

Top 20 in Exalate Services


Certified Exalate Partner
Integration projects completed: 7
Integrations included: Jira, ServiceNow
Website: https://www.eficode.com/root-devops-platform
Location: Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, 

Eficode is a leading DevOps company in Europe, driving the DevOps movement across six countries with ideas that put customer value and team satisfaction on center stage. As an Atlassian Platinum Partner, they help companies with proven consulting, training, hosting, migration, maintenance, and support services. Their hands-on competences scale from single tool installation to complete, high availability Atlassian toolchains – and beyond! Eficode’s community of more than 300 professionals is building the future of software development. 


Certified Exalate Partner 
Integration projects completed: 7
Integrations included: Jira
Website: http://cententia.com/
Location: Greece

Cententia offers services of the highest quality, covering a wide spectrum of business needs and meeting international standards and the specific needs of the local business environment. These Services converge with its Software solutions, enabling organizations to strive within the demanding and fast-evolving environment of the global new economy.


Certified Exalate Partner
Integration projects completed: 6
Integrations included: Jira, ServiceNow
Website: https://tecnofor.es/
Location: Spain

Tecnofor is a technology consulting and training company that focuses on helping clients to manage their IT Project portfolio and they also offer all kinds of services related to Jira. Every technological project needs three axes that must be managed as a whole: methodology, training, and tools. Through agile, efficient, and professional attention, you can find in Tecnofor a remarkable provider and a long-term partner. 


Certified Exalate Partner 
Integration projects completed: 5
Integrations included: Jira
Website: https://www.avoset.fi/en/
Location: Finland

Avoset is an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, which implicates strong commitment, a high level of expertise, and a desire to produce additional value to customers with Atlassian products. They became Atlassian Partners back in 2010. Since then, they have constantly developed their knowledge and understanding of Atlassian product development and communication tools.

Coyote Creek

Certified Exalate Partner 
Integration projects completed: 8
Integrations included: Jira, ServiceNow, GitHub
Website: https://coyotecrk.com/
Location: USA

Coyote Creek is a professional services firm headquartered in Silicon Valley. The team works with organizations to provide exceptional IT and engineering services. Clients turn to Coyote Creek when they need trustworthy outside help to do a project, or when they need peace of mind knowing their environment is monitored 24×7. Coyote Creek specializes in Atlassian consulting. The services include consulting projects, Cloud services, Atlassian License sales and guidance, and Catalyst, which is our proactive subscription for delivering Atlassian consulting services. Coyote Creek team has been successful for over 20 years because they’re clear about what they do AND don’t do, they own our mistakes and fix them, and their ultimate priority is doing what is right, fair, and honest!

bit2bit Americas

Certified Exalate Partner
Integration projects completed: 7
Integrations included: Jira, Zendesk, Azure DevOps, ServiceNow, Salesforce
Website: https://bit2bitamericas.com/en/
Location: Peru, Mexico, Colombia, USA

bit2bit Americas provides professional services focused on agile software development, business processes, and service desk solutions. Their team is experienced in practices and frameworks including Scrum, Kanban, XP, DevOps, SAFe®, ITIL, and CobIT. bit2bit Americas Atlassian Expert services are delivered throughout the Americas in Spanish or English.


Integration projects completed: 9
Integrations included: Jira, ServiceNow, Azure DevOps
Website: https://www.cprime.com/
Location: USA, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, UK, Canada

Cprime is a global consulting firm helping transforming businesses get in sync. They help visionary business leaders compose solutions, execute implementations, and perform against business goals. As a leading global Agile and DevOps solutions provider, their software and talent solutions work together to deliver transformations.


Integration projects completed: 8
Integrations included: Jira, ServiceNow
Website: https://www.adaptavist.com/
Location: UK, USA, Spain, Canada, Estonia, Malaysia 

Founded in 2005, its team spans over 300 employees globally, with a 10,000+ customer base representing more than half of the Fortune 500. Adaptavist is a Platinum Atlassian Solutions Partner in EMEA and North America, a SAFe® Gold Transformation Partner, and a trusted Slack partner. It offers expert consultancy, enterprise apps, training, managed services, and licensing solutions.


Certified Exalate Partner 
Integration projects completed: 4
Integrations included: Jira
Website: https://trundl.com/
Location: USA, India

Trundl is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, providing hands-on support and services for companies using Jira, Confluence, and the larger Atlassian ecosystem of tools and Marketplace addons. Trundl helps deploy, configure, and support Atlassian-based solutions for both business (HR, Marketing, Security, Legal, Finance) and technical teams (IT, Dev)


Certified Exalate Partner (with the biggest Exalate team – 6 Exalate experts)
Integration projects completed: 2
Integrations included: Jira, Azure DevOps
Website: https://inlogiq.com/
Location: Spain

Inlogiq is a young company with sound experience in Software Quality. They specialized in the Atlassian suite of products and they leverage the features offered by Atlassian products to provide tailor-made solutions to their customers. They are also an expert in toolchain implementation for Software project management, Test automation, and also monitoring.


Certified Exalate Partner 
Integration projects completed: 3
Integrations included: Jira, ServiceNow
Website: https://www.demicon.de/
Location: Germany

A premium partner in Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart for digital transformation. As a consultancy and Atlassian Expert, the Demicon team combines many years of experience in process, collaboration & innovation management, and vehicle engineering. By providing a high-quality service, they enable companies to work more efficiently and connect staff in an innovative way.


Certified Exalate Partner 
Integration projects completed: 3
Integrations included: Jira, Azure DevOps
Website: https://www.avisi.nl/en
Location: Netherlands

It is Avisi’s mission to help customers implement best-in-class tooling and best-practice processes that allow them to fulfill their strategy. Through support, training, and consultancy, Avisi team helps customers to implement and integrate Atlassian and Gitlab tooling optimally with their existing tooling and processes.

Life in Codes

Certified Exalate Partner 
Integration projects completed: 2
Integrations included: Jira, ServiceNow
Website: https://www.lifeincodes.com/
Location: Romania, Belgium, Estonia

Life in Codes is an Atlassian Solution Partner active in Romania and Belgium. They help teams and organizations change the world by providing them with the collaboration tools needed in order to work in a more efficient and enjoyable way.


Integration projects completed: 2
Integrations included: Jira, GitHub
Website: https://www.glintech.com/
Location: Australia

An award-winning Atlassian Platinum Experts, they offer expert consulting, migration, implementation, and upgrade services. GLiNTECH will further help you master the technology with licensing assistance, training, and support. GLiNTECH will create faster, intelligent, automated processes and services to help your teams drive digital transformation.


Integration projects completed: 2
Integrations included: Jira, Azure DevOps
Website: https://www.nagarro.com/en
Location: Norway, India

As an Atlassian partner for more than 10 years, Nagarro provides a complete set of services supporting your Atlassian solutions and the teams using them. They deliver solutions for software and IT teams integrating processes for Agile Product Development, DevOps, and Service Management. They also provide solutions for a wide variety of business teams.

HyperVelocity Consulting

Integration projects completed: 3
Integrations included: Jira, Zendesk
Website: https://hypervelocityconsulting.com/
Location: USA

HyperVelocity Consulting has helped app developers, biotech firms, startups, and Fortune 500 companies get the insights and tools they need to improve their business.

Dragonsoft (DSD)

Integration projects completed: 2
Integrations included: Jira
Website: https://www.shdsd.com/index.html
Location: China, Japan

DragonSoft Digital Technology (DSD) is a growing IT Consulting Company funded in 2006. they offer customers IT services such as consulting, design, development, and maintenance. Especially in the ALM field, They offer professional services of consulting, implementation, training, and customization development, which are all built on Atlassian products. Their veteran consultants, systems engineers, and developers are experts in comprehensive ALM programs and services. 


Integration projects completed: 3
Integrations included: Jira, Azure DevOps
Website: https://www.communardo.com/
Location: Germany, Austria

Communardo is an Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner and a leading specialist for digital workplace solutions located in Germany and Austria. Their mission is to create and maintain solutions for smart communication and collaboration. They also provides enterprise solutions for Atlassian products including licensing, consulting, software engineering, managed services, hosting, support and training.


Integration projects completed: 3
Integrations included: Jira
Website: https://www.ovyka.com/
Location: France

Ovyka has recognized expertise in IT Strategy and very strong references in innovation, collaborative solutions, and is an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner recognized by many of the biggest companies in Europe. Ovyka also has strategic partnerships with vendors such as Exalate, to help provide expert consulting and best practices for successful integration of their plugins.


Integration projects completed: 4
Integrations included: Jira
Website: https://kreuzwerker.de/
Location: Germany, Switzerland, Poland 

As your Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, kreuzwerker will be at your side with their extensive experience to aid you during the introduction, expansion, and maintenance of the complete Atlassian toolchain. They have successfully introduced Atlassian services to companies ranging from the IT, automotive, and Pharma industry to media houses and global FMCG companies all the way to government and non-profit organizations. Their experts, coaches, and consultants advise on cutting-edge technology solutions, infrastructure, security, strategy, and process optimization.

Exalate Gurus

It’s important to celebrate team effort, but it’s also important to recognize the leading experts and fans within those teams. 
So we present to you our champions, who made integrations a part of their service portfolio and delivered those with admirable excellence.

(You go, guys!)

And here’s what they say about Exalate, about how it benefits their organizations and their customers.

When it comes to orchestrating cross-company workflows and satisfying sophisticated data synchronization needs for our customers, Exalate is the maestro! Awesome product with an excellent team behind it.

I use Exalate every time there is a need to connect separate instances or separate Jira projects.
Thanks to the functionality of Exalate, it is possible to create a connection despite the rigid firewall settings or when permissions do not allow users from outside a secured project to see its full content.
Also, it is worth mentioning that Exalate, thanks to its scripted connection functionality, allows the implementation of various advanced scenarios. For me, what makes Exalate stand out from most Atlassian add-ons, is the fact that the documentation for this plugin is very extensive. When you need a script for your specific scenario, it is already waiting for you in the documentation.

Application integration is still a hot topic. With the help of Exalate we have successfully helped various customers ranging from relatively simple to complex use cases. In the case of (technical) issues, Exalate Support has helped us quickly and decisively.

Exalate has helped us collaborate in many ways. Our internal Jira instance is linked with multiple of our customers’ Jira to keep track of all requests they have for us or to provide them insights into our development status. We have integrations across Cloud and on-premise with more complex network landscapes. Additionally, we have helped some customers integrate their Jira with ServiceNow to allow data reporting all from one centralized place.
The flexibility of Exalate allows us to implement complex synchronizations rules beyond what seems initially possible. It’s undeniably an essential part of our day-to-day business.

For InlogiQ, Exalate has streamlined the implementation of Jira when our customers require synchronizations or integrations with other tools.
During 2021 we have carried out different implementations with Exalate, we have synchronised Jira Server with Jira Data Center, Jira DC with Cloud, or Jira Cloud with Azure DevOps, among others.
For our customers, this means the security of not having to maintain their own synchronization tools, in addition to the security and stability that is provided by Exalate.

As an Atlassian Consultant setting up synchronizations for my customers, it is almost too easy with Exalate. The app helps me look like an absolute expert and with the easy setup you can have an advanced setup up and running in less than an hour. For basic ones less than 10 minutes. You can even use the graphical interface with no knowledge of Groovy coding. So the app is for all Jira roles actually, from hardcore coding administrator to more or less Jira newbie.
And finally, thank you iDalko team for the absolute outstanding support.

Exalate is the best tool on market for synchronization between our customers’ principal products, whether Jira to Jira, Jira to Salesforce, Jira to Zendesk, Jira to ServiceNow, Jira to Azure Devops and so on and so on and so on. Our customers love the flexibility of integration with the ability to scale without performance issues.

  • Alvaro Jardon (Tecnofor)

We have been working closely with Exalate’s team for many years, and they are always ready to help and provide the fastest response and the most efficient solution for us or our customers. There are many customers that we have been able to help thanks to Exalate, either integrating two or more Jira instances or with other tools.

Exalate allowed us to automate most of the processes and reduce the manual work, redirecting the requests to the team that corresponds and simplifying their work. Exalate applications guarantee the security of the information that is shared on the different platforms.

  • Yaakov Shami (Methoda)

The flexibility of Exalate allowed us to creatively fulfill all our needs. I never received such treatment from any other addon – you’re the most professional and most fluent about your product (which is awesome, btw) and I always enjoyed talking to you and our meetings, even when there were problems.

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