Exalate Breaks Into Main Software 50 Benelux 2023, Celebrates Industry Recognition

exalate benelux 50

In an exciting win for Exalate, the company has secured a spot in the Main Software 50 Benelux 2023 ranking. This achievement highlights Exalate’s growth, innovation, and the trust clients place in its solution.

Key Highlights

The 12th edition of the Main Software 50 Benelux ranking highlights the broad adoption of SaaS models and underscores the resilience within the sector. Exalate’s entry is a significant accomplishment, considering the competition and industry challenges. The Top-50 software companies in the Benelux region are marking solid 24% average revenue growth, showcasing the industry’s strength amid economic uncertainties. 

Path to Success

The selection criteria for this ranking looked at revenue growth, sales growth, sales quality, Cloud/SaaS revenue, EBITDA, international returns, partner channel revenue, innovation, and overall impact. Exalate’s performance on these fronts has earned it a well-deserved spot among the top players in the Benelux software scene.

Team Recognition

Exalate’s VP of Operations, Stefaan Quackels, and VP of Sales, Ruben Bru, had the pleasure of representing Exalate at the awards ceremony on November 16, 2023, where they received the recognition on behalf of the entire team.

Exalate expresses gratitude to its team for their hard work and commitment, as well as to its co-founders Francis Martens and Hilde Van Brempt for their visionary leadership.

Exalate’s achievement in the Main Software 50 Benelux 2023 not only elevates the company’s profile but also signifies a commitment to excellence and innovation that resonates throughout the industry.

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