Introducing #ExaHack: An Exclusive Newsletter for Real Power-users.

Exalate Hack

The Exalate #ExaHack initiative is officially live! Designed by Exalate Hackers from Exalate for Exalate Hackers from everywhere.

The #ExaHack isn’t just another newsletter; every week, we’ll be sharing byte-sized unknown, useful, weird, and fun ways to use Exalate to the fullest.

And the best part?

It’s all coming directly from our amazing team here at Exalate. From engineering to marketing, every corner of our team is involved to give you one-of-a-kind pro tips and personal insights.

No fluff, just pure value in every byte!

Why the #ExaHack?

Well, in a world dominated by screens and lines of code, it’s easy to forget about the human side of things. But not us!

We know that personal connections matter, and we’re here to show you the faces and stories behind the tech. By introducing you to our team members across various departments, this initiative aims to better connect, build trust, and make our community stronger than ever.

These weekly #ExaHacks delivered straight to your inbox are just another way we’re showing our commitment to YOU, our amazing users.

Get Exa-excellent with #Exahack!


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