Exalate for HP QC/ALM: End of Support

End of support for HP connector

If you’re an Exalate for HP QC/ALM user, we have some updates for you. 

We, at Exalate, understand that change is an inevitable part of technology, and sometimes that means retiring legacy tools and solutions. We also want to focus on the future of our product and ensure services remain as smooth and efficient as possible. 

To this effect, we are moving Exalate for HP QC/ALM into basic maintenance mode and it will remain so until June 2024, after which support will be halted completely. 

As a company, we understand that this can be daunting and we will try to ensure this change is handled with utmost care and minimal disruption. 

What to expect as an Exalate HP QC/ALM customer moving forward 

We will provide the following under basic maintenance mode to our existing Exalate for HP QC/ALM customers: 

  • Bug fixes and critical security updates only upon request by customers 
  • Bug fixes handled by L3 support
  • Releases as hotfixes or custom-builds only 
  • No new feature releases

Duration of the Basic Maintenance Mode

This mode will be available for a year, until June 2024. 

Compatibility Checks 

If you have any questions regarding compatibility, please contact us. From our end, we will not perform any compatibility checks from now on. 

Exalate currently supports HP QC/ALM version 15.0. 

Why the Decision

Since HP QC/ALM is an older product and has been replaced by newer versions, it’s imperative to let go of legacy systems. 

We have also seen a decline in the usage of the Exalate for the HP QC/ALM connector over time. There has been a steady decrease in tickets raised by customers using this connector. 

As such, it’s essential for us to focus our time and resources on more upcoming, popular, and widely used platforms. So, we came to this decision unanimously. 

If you have any questions or concerns, we are always a call away

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