Empowering Women in Tech: Co-Founder Hilde Van Brempt Leads the Way

hilde van brempt

Join us in celebrating the achievements of our very own co-founder Hilde Van Brempt. Beyond being one of the sparks that started our integration journey, Hilde is a recipient of the InspiringFifty Women in Tech Belgium award, and has just recently been invited to join the board of EFFEX. 

Hilde has fostered a uniquely inclusive environment at Exalate, ensuring women in the workplace, and everyone on our team, can and do reach their full potential in an incredibly competitive and male-dominated world. Today, women hold half of the senior management positions at Exalate. 

In May 2023, EFFEX, an organization revolutionizing the Design of Experiments, invited Hilde Van Brempt to join their management board. EFFEX performs research on cost-efficient experimental plans and multi-criteria selection. 

Their CEO, Dewi Van De Vyver, had this to say about Hilde’s selection to the board: 

“I’m grateful that Hilde has agreed to join our board and spare some of her precious time facing her own challenges at Exalate. I know we can learn a lot from her past and present experience as a company, but more importantly for me personally, having someone on board who understands my journey as a woman in tech.”

Hilde’s aims go far beyond what she’s already achieved. She’s encouraging women everywhere, regardless of age or background, that growth and advancement in tech aren’t just possible, but necessary and achievable. 

In her own words, “The Exalate team and I are committed to breaking the biases within tech by fostering an environment that highly values inclusivity and diversity, where women from varied backgrounds and experiences are not only appreciated but encouraged to achieve their full potential.”

Diversity and inclusion are the pillars of our culture at Exalate, and Hilde has been championing this way of working and being since the very beginning. 

“Our drive to celebrate women in the technology field is a tribute to their role in challenging industry norms and driving impactful change, transcending gender and cultural stereotypes.”

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