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Integrate your favorite platforms and connect teams without the need to switch between tools. Transform how you collaborate and keep tasks, issues, epics, incidents & projects in perfect sync.

Use our two-way sync app or outsource the A-Z of your integration project to us.


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Integration is in Exalate’s DNA. Do it simple or go deep.

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Turn integration into your competitive advantage.


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How WirelessCar Uses Exalate to Streamline Collaboration with Leading Automotive Brands

JIRA TO zendesk

How a Belgian Media Giant Uses Exalate To Consolidate Workflows and Teams While Navigating Hypergrowth


How Open GI Uses Exalate to Streamline their internal Workflows while leaning on Top-Notch Support


How Netguru Uses Exalate to Significantly Reduce License Costs and Connect DevOps with their ITSM & Business Teams

Your Code, Your Rules

Have granular control and full flexibility to craft your integrations with just a few lines of code. 

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Basic Mode

For basic stuff.
It’s pre-built. It’s free.

Visual Mode

For less basic stuff.
Drag-and-drop interface.

Don't want to code?

Basic Mode

For basic stuff.
 It’s pre-built. It’s free.

Visual Mode

Drag-and-drop interface
. For every scenario.

Take your time to dive into what’s possible. There’s so much more under the hood that you could do - if you keep it simple and use the defaults, it’s only 5% of what’s possible, you could build crazy and cool stuff.

Start Synchronizing Your Tools​

Decentralization For Ultimate Control

Exalate is a Decentralized integration app. It's installed and managed by each side of the connection separately, giving you autonomous control over both outgoing and incoming information.


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This video course covers everything about Exalate and how it works.