Don't Mind the Gap, Bridge it.

Integrate your favorite platforms and connect teams without the need to switch between tools. Transform how you collaborate and keep tasks, issues, epics, incidents & projects in perfect sync.

Use our app or outsource the A-Z of your integration project to us.

Don't Mind the Gap, Bridge it.

Integrate the platforms you use to manage work and connect teams across organizations. Transform how teams collaborate and keep teams, tasks, issues, epics, incidents & projects in perfect sync.

Use our integration app or outsource your integration project to us.


Powering the integration of +2500 companies


Sync Data
in Real-time


Operations Fast


Implement Any
Integration Scenario

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Protect Your
Data Transfer

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Configure the Sync
to Your Preference

Integration is in Exalate’s DNA.
Do It Simple or Go Deep.

Set up an integration that fits your specific scenario - basic to advanced - and fully customize it.

Sync everything in real time, decide the sync direction, and automate the sync with triggers.

Control the incoming and outgoing sync rules autonomously from your side.

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Extend Your

Network of

Clients, Vendors, Suppliers

Turn Integration into
Your Competitive Advantage.

We take care of your integration A-Z, from implementation and configuration to maintenance and support.

We swiftly set up an integration on any of our existing connectors or build a custom connector for your use case.

We provide round-the-clock monitoring and support from a dedicated delivery manager and a support agent.


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Your Code, Your Rules

Have granular control and full flexibility to craft your integrations with just a few lines of code. 

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Basic Mode

For basic stuff.

It’s pre-built. It’s free.

Visual Mode

For less basic stuff.
Drag-and-drop interface.

Don't want to code?

Basic Mode

For basic stuff.
 It’s pre-built. It’s free.

Visual Mode

Drag-and-drop interface
. For every scenario.

Take your time to dive into what’s possible. There’s so much more under the hood that you could do - if you keep it simple and use the defaults, it’s only 5% of what’s possible, you could build crazy and cool stuff.

Start Synchronizing Your Tools​

Use another tool? We can create a custom connector for you. Learn more

Start Synchronizing Your Tools​

Decentralization For Ultimate Control

Exalate is a Decentralized integration app. It's installed and managed by each side of the connection separately, giving you autonomous control over both outgoing and incoming information.


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This video course covers everything about Exalate and how it works.