Exalate is the most complete & flexible synchronization solution for issue trackers, service desks and task management systems.

Experience a seamless collaboration between teams across Jira instances, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Github & other trackers.

Why synchronize?

stop copying

Stop losing time copying data, just Sync it

Did you know project managers report losing up to 20% of their time copying data?

And manual data entry doesn't just make you lose time. Key data also gets lost in translation.

Eliminate time-consuming tasks, like manually copying data from one issue tracker to the other. Spend your time resolving important issues and collaborating on critical tasks.

Work from your Trusted Environment

Unlock an intuitive collaboration by way of synchronization

Don't want to spend your working hours in unfamiliar tracking systems or get confused using other teams' workflows?

Choose to synchronize your data instead. And unlock an intuitive collaboration between teams. All the while you continue working from your trusted environment.

Why businesses choose Exalate?

the most flex

The most flexible synchronization tool on the planet...

For any kind of collaboration, uni- or bi-directional, across all departments and external teams.

Exalate can connect everything to everyone, any way you choose and whatever tracker you use.

Trusted Solution with Proven Security

Trusted solution with proven security

Trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world, Exalate is fully built for any enterprise environment.

Gain fine-grained control on what information is exchanged, when, to whom and how.

Keep your data private, safe and secure following the best-in-class security practices.

Learn more about what makes Exalate a unique synchronization solution here

Common use cases for synchronization

You are using a system to track issues, tasks, problems and requests. And you’ve got a good grip on the day-to-day operations of your team. But chances are pretty high you will have to work with other teams in other companies that use a separate tracker from yours. Reverting to email or phone calls to exchange information with remote teams will introduce information clutter, a loss of time and ultimately confusion.

With synchronization, you’ll be able to connect your own tracker with those of your partners. That way, issues raised on your system can be resolved on your partner system. Leading to a transparent, frictionless collaboration with instant information.

SLA’s can also be monitored more correctly, as the reception of a request is acknowledged on the source.

Support teams have to be able to escalate issues to development teams. Incidents have to be converted into product enhancements. Changes have to be tracked back to the original request. And product releases have to be communicated to the users.

Integrating the helpdesk and development environments manually can become a complex task. As it will go beyond just mapping some fields. Using synchronization, on the other hand, allows for the flexibility you need to set up an intuitive communication process.

How do you coordinate projects involving multiple teams? Each having their own way of working. Are you debating endlessly how issues need to be handled and categorized? Do you prefer each team to be self-organizing but then struggle to provide portfolio-level progress reports?

Use synchronization to follow a star-network approach. Where a master issue tracker is synchronizing with individual team trackers. This allows for the mapping of team-specific operational data to a common format. It ensures each team to keep their autonomy. While reporting can be done on the master issue tracker.

What customers say about Exalate

Daniel Miks

We have a setup for our customer that uses this excellent app to sync between an external Service Desk and an internal Development instance. The first thing that hits you when using this app is how easy it is to get a synchronization up and running. By default, everything works so well. But you also have the possibility to be really advanced thanks to the script compatibility. So after using it to sync between different instances we now also use it in the same instance to sync comments between projects and such. I find new ways of using it every day and the ability to trigger and control when to sync is one of the best features.

Hung Nguyen

We have used Exalate to sync the defects between server instances of our divisions for more than a year. Both sides are using very different and complicated workflows. But with the amazing support team and the flexible capability of Exalate, we were able to see it work nicely and become an important part of our work life cycle. I truly recommend this tool to anyone who wants greater control of their sync between multiple instances.

Piotr Radtke

Exalate is marketed as the most flexible synchronization tool for issue trackers and that short definition is pretty accurate from what we have observed! Keep up the great work on Exalate, it really does bring a lot of value.


Integrate everything

A wide range of supported connectors

The Exalate vision is to build a network of connected companies and teams experiencing seamless collaboration, whatever tracking technology is used.

Discover a wide range of connectors you can synchronize.

Pricing and Licensing to match your business needs

Exalate was built with flexibility in mind, this also translates to customized pricing and licensing.

We offer value-based pricing. Compatible with both small to medium sized Company needs as well as large Enterprise requirements.

We offer multiple licensing models tailored to your specific use case.


Support Heroes

The company behind Exalate is iDalko, a Platinum Atlassian partner. iDalko is known for its support to be nothing short but legendary.

Our support team of true heroes will assist you every step of the way. We know this is important to you. So reach out to us any way you prefer: live chat, email or service desk. We’re here to help.