The Leading Cross-Company Integration Solution

Experience a seamless and flexible collaboration across internal teams and company borders.

Synchronize your Jira instances, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Github, Azure DevOps & any other work management systems.

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A truly flexible synchronization solution

Have every team work in their own environment. With the tools that they know and the information they need. Experience limitless customizability to fit your unique synchronization scenario.

Streamline Collaborative Work

Eliminate time-consuming tasks, like copying data from one tracker to the other or manual data entry. Just sync it instead.

Focus on what's important. Spend your time resolving key issues and collaborating on critical tasks.

Daniel Miks

Atlassian Solutions Expert, Riada
The result was quite impressive and positive on both sides, as they could remove the email process completely and work from their own environment without the need to use any other means of communication.

Experience Autonomous Integration

Get complete autonomous control over both incoming and outgoing information, on each side of the integration.
The only solution built specifically for cross-company integration scenario's & complex cross-team collaboration cases.

Hung Nguyen

Business Intelligence Developer, Dell
With amazing support and the flexible capability of Exalate, we were able to see it become an important part of our work life cycle.

Chris Sprucefield

Corporate IT Manager, Casumo
Exalate allows us to keep full control over our own access and local systems, yet, with ease, share projects and collaboration with any number of external parties.

Piotr Radtke

Senior Project Manager, Netguru
It's amazing how Exalate satisfied our complex synchronization needs. Plus, we managed to reduce the monthly costs of our Service Desk by around 95%.

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Guided Tutorials

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Support Heroes

We know support is important to you. So, our team of integration heroes will assist you every step of the way to synchronization. Our support is known to be nothing short but legendary…