#HERpower with Iskra from Delta Source

#HERpower with Iskra from Delta Source

We’re continuing our journey into discovering the amazing achievements of the women that make up this incredible field of tech.

Today, we’re speaking with Iskra, a software developer from Delta Source. She takes us through her journey from Bulgaria to the United States, and her path in becoming a Woman in Tech, but a mother as well.

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Iskra Marinova is a full-time mom and a full-time software developer at Delta Source Bulgaria. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and an AA degree in Photography.

She lived in the United States for 9 years but returned to her home country, Bulgaria, where she found a good work-life balance. Spending time with her family and enjoying the amazing nature there is what inspires her.

The Conversation

Question: Thank you so much for joining me today, Iskra. Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Iskra: My name is Iskra Marinova, and I’m from Bulgaria. I’m the mother of two boys. I’m a software developer at Delta Source, a Belgian software company, but I’m based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Question: Can you tell us about your company and how you joined it?

Iskra: I applied to the job ad. It said that it was for the Bulgarian branch of the Belgian company, a company that provides software development to its clients. I was really attracted to the vibe from the start. I felt like it was warm and welcoming during my interview, and I knew it was the right place for me. I felt like we found each other.

Question: How do you think such a great company culture is cultivated?

Iskra: For me, it all started with my manager, Alexander. He’s the type who draws in people with similar values. He’s big on helping others reach their potential, which, in turn, fosters a supportive environment. Over time, his influence has shaped the way everyone here operates. He goes above and beyond for his team, both personally and professionally.

I feel like my colleagues are family, we support each other and it’s a really nice experience.

Question: Can you share how you got into your current role?

Iskra: I graduated from an English language school here in Plovdiv. Because I like mathematics, I applied and was accepted to start studying software engineering. After I graduated, I moved around a lot and lived in the United States for a while before moving back. I found the working environment in the States to be very demanding. Our first son was born there, and I had to go back to work quite fast after, which was really difficult. After nine years, we came back to Bulgaria, and the first job I got when I got back was here, at Delta Source. I feel like I got really lucky. 

Question: What differences have you noticed between working and living in the States versus Bulgaria?

Iskra: What stands out to me is how in Europe, family comes first, while in the States, work often takes priority, as that’s what employers expect. There, they may not pay as much attention to your feelings or personal situation. While they can be friendly, it’s not usually on a deeper level, like at my current workplace. Here, if I have a family issue, people are quick to offer support.

Question: What challenges have you faced as a woman in the tech sector?

Iskra: I mostly work with men, and it’s about finding the best way to communicate with them. Sometimes, they’re not as open, so I have to figure out how to connect with each person. It can be challenging, but at my current job, I feel connected to everyone I work with.

Question: From what you’re saying, company culture is one of the most important things to ensure a happy work environment.

Iskra: Exactly. When I started working in the States, they just gave me my responsibilities and left me to figure them out. I made many mistakes that needed fixing later on. Here, however, I’ve received much more support.

Question: In one sentence, how would you explain the role of a software developer?

Iskra: We’re trying to find solutions for what the client needs. We’re trying to create things that will make their work easier and faster. So we design and build those solutions.

I’m a really good communicator with my colleagues. I really think that's my biggest strength, making the team feel like a family. I try and prompt everyone to talk about themselves and make everyone feel at home.

Question: If you could swap jobs with a team member for a day, who would it be and why?

Iskra: That’s interesting. I’d like to try designing and doing architecture work.

Question: If you could advise yourself ten years ago, what would you say?

Iskra: Probably not to worry too much. I worried a lot more before, but it was also part of finding my place. Now, I’m more confident that I can handle whatever comes my way, even if I didn’t feel that way before.

Iskra with her family

Question: Could you share some interesting facts about your home country and its culture?

Iskra: Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe, right in the middle of the Balkan Peninsula. It’s like a meeting place for different cultures, which gives it a unique mix of tastes and beautiful scenery. People are really friendly and welcoming, especially in the small towns and villages.

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