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Do your customers need help with their integrations?

You want one solution that can handle all sorts of scenarios and also become another revenue channel for your organization.

Exalate is a powerful integration solution that can meet your customer requirements without extra effort on your side.

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    What is Exalate?

    Exalate is an integration solution that connects different platforms in a flexible and secure way. It allows organizations to automate processes and streamline workflows using scripted rules or a no-code builder.

    Configure sync direction, frequency, and rules to ensure real-time communication and data consistency across systems. Regardless of whether they are located within the same company or not.

    Why Join the Partner Program

    We know that integration projects are never easy.

    There are many things you need to consider before, during, and post-implementation: translating the business requirements into specifications, deploying it without jeopardising data integrity and system performance, and ensuring data security.

    We make sure our customers understand the process and we proactively offer the help of our partners as integration experts.

    If you’re an IT savvy, but you have not yet dealt with integrations, we have a solid onboarding program including Academy, Certifications, Q&A sessions with our engineers to help you deliver undeniable value to your clients.

    We partner up in pre-sales, implementation, license management, and maintenance services.

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    Become an integration expert and convert your sync partners into actual customers. Help them grow their network, generate more leads, and create a new revenue channel by doing consultancy and handling the license management. Get up to 25% discount on license sales.

    Lead-Generation Opportunities


    We will redirect the leads generated through co-marketing or other channels to you.

    Co-marketing Opportunities


    Let’s create a blog post, co-host a webinar, do a case study or a podcast episode together! We’ll use these channels to promote your services to our audience and get more leads into your pipeline.

    Free Exalate License

    Free Exalate License

    Get a free Exalate license and start building your Exalate network. Connect with your clients across company borders and showcase how efficient remote work can be.

    Onboarding package

    Onboarding Package

    We will provide onboarding training and certifications to get you and your team up to speed and move up the partner levels.

    Priority support

    Priority Support

    We’ll make sure that your queries are addressed with priority in our support queue. You will also have direct contact with our support team in the Partner Slack community.

    Exalate Partner Ecosystem

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    Become a partner

    Want to become an Exalate Partner?

      Contact us and we’ll be in touch shortly.