Exalate Academy


This is your one-stop series of videos to learn everything about Exalate and how it works. It aims to help you get started and support you along your journey.

  • Start with Exalate Basics.
  • Learn all about the Exalate modes: BasicVisual, and Script through real-life use cases.
  • Customize your connection based on your requirements.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot your connection and handle errors.

Make sure install Exalate and let's go!

Make sure you have Exalate installed on all tools you want to connect before starting

Exalate Academy

49 Videos

01. Exalate Basics

02. The Basic Mode

03. The Visual Mode

04. The Script Mode

05. Troubleshooting

You might have noticed that Exalate's logo and colors have been rebranded. The UI is the same, so please keep watching.

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