Connect and Synchronise Data with your Business Partners

and keep your shared information up to date – always and automatically

Use your own issue tracking system

Connect directly with your business partners via a secure connection

Shared information is synchronised and updated automatically

A customer service pedigree

We have developed commercial add-ons that have been sold to more than 200 organisations worldwide, such as Verizon, Time Warner Cable, Dow Jones, Siemens, Deloitte Consulting, Atos Worldline and AMD.


Our team members have extensive experience in distributed software architectures, product development and business development for software products, and turning innovative starters into financially rewarding businesses.


We are rolling out Exalate among the companies worldwide using Atlassian’s JIRA issue tracker.

Improve your efficiency and customer service

Use Exalate for new product collaboration, operational partnerships, fault resolution, and more.

Exalate is a service that lets your company connect and synchronise data with your service delivery partners, so shared information is always and automatically kept up to date.



It works with your existing systems

It requires no changes to your current processes

You can connect directly with your existing partners via a secure connection

Safety is fully assured

You speed up processes and cut errors by not having to copy data

Information is synchronised and updated automatically

It enables you to link with as many partners as needed

You can fine-tune it to meet your requirements

Make sure no data is lost in translation

Give the same quality of information to all organizations in your workflow

Don’t let mis-communication become an issue with your business partners. Make sure all parties share exactly the same information by signing up to Exalate today. Exalate helps your business overcome critical business challenges such as:

Wasting time
manually gathering correct status

Making wrong
decisions based on incorrect information

Botching fault resolution and offering poor service

Spending time copying data between different company systems

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Now Available: JIRA to JIRA synchronisation

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